Black Kitty with Enormous Captivating Eyes Is Elected the Mayor of Hell City in Michigan

There was a song made famous by The Go-Go’s member Belinda Carlisle, and the title was “Heaven is a Place on Earth.” She was wrong, though. If she sang Hell is a Place on Earth,” technically, she would have been correct, but that would be a different song with an awkward meaning.

Such a place in Michigan called Hell does exist. It is a small community with only a population of 266 as of 2020. The town was developed in the 1800s by George Reeves, who developed a sawmill, gristmill, distillery, and tavern on the land.

By then, the place was still nameless. Since Reeves helped the townspeople establish the place, he was asked what it should be called, and he replied, “I don’t care. You can name it Hell for all I care.” The people took his words literally, and the name became official on October 13, 1841.

A black cat famous on social media named Jinx lives with her owner in California, USA. On April 24, the first animal mayor took oath on this day in Hell, Michigan. For a donation of $100 to the township, a person or animal is allowed to become mayor for a day or $25 for an hour. Jinx made history on that day by becoming the first ever full-fledged feline mayor in a town with a disgusting name.

Jinx is owned by Mia, who adopted her three years ago. She has birth defects such as huge eyes and large feet. She is also an internet sensation. You may follow her on the following social media accounts: (Click on the links)

TikTok with 827,900 followers
Instagram with 501,000 followers
Twitter with 314,200 followers

Mia found Jinx when she was only about 3 weeks old in 2018. Years passed, and she noticed that the cat’s eyes continued to grow bigger even when she has stopped growing. Jinx’s feet were also extraordinarily large, which made her walk clumsy. Worried that Jinx may have other health problems, Mia brought her to the vet for a thorough check-up. The cat turned out to be healthy. Despite the birth defects, Jinx has thousands of followers on social media, and the numbers are still rising.

“She had big eyes, and as she grew bigger, her eyes didn’t get smaller, and I also noticed she had big feet. She doesn’t have a condition, and the vet says she’s healthy,” Mia said. “She just has these birth defects. She’s also not as agile as most cats and is a little clumsy. She only learned how to land on her feet a year ago.”

For three years, Mia has been updating the famous feline’s pages with photos, videos, and stories. According to her, the followers love Jinx, despite her birth defects.

Just like any other proud owner of a popular pet, Mia asked people online if an animal could run for office anywhere in the country. She claimed that she has heard of a dog becoming mayor in California.

Now, she is wondering if her cat could run for mayor, too. To her surprise, people have responded to her from a town named Hell, Michigan. They claimed that anyone could be mayor, may they be human or animal. With just a $100 donation, you can be mayor for 1 day. Alternately, you can be mayor for only 1 hour for $25.

The proclamation for being mayor comes with lots of interesting prizes such as a T-shirt, a mug, horns, a badge and a mayoral proclamation certificate, and lots of other items, including a small piece of property in the town. Though at the end of the day, you will receive a call of impeachment from the town’s higher authorities.

We are sure that Jinx will do an exceptional beautiful job for the City of Hell. Why?  This famous pussy cat has made Hell city of Michigan to be known to the world, or at least to the Kitty lovers communities around the world!  Yes, Jinx is the best spoke person and the best commercial for this lovely city. Hell is actually the Paradise for felines and all the lovely animals on earth!

Newscasters briefly talk about Jinx’s mayorship in Hell, Michigan. Watch the video below:

“Jinx is going to be mayor in three days,” Mia posted on her Twitch account on April 21. “She also wants big murals of her and the mandatory following of her social media.” Jinx’s social media followers suggested that she be rewarded for her public service for the day in addition to the prizes she will be receiving from the mayorship, such as cat treats or yummy food.

Reverend Vonn of Hell, Michigan, will be making the official announcement of Jinx becoming mayor over the phone. “We love our in-person and distant mayors. They get to have one Helluva fun day and at the end of it, will receive the dreaded phone call to be impeached.”

On April 24, Mia broadcasted Jinx’s Mayoral Proclamation on her Twitch page.

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Credit: Jinx @bigfootjinx/Instagram, and WTOL11/YouTube

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